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2011-07-10 17:41:25 by vinnw541

Hey guys just finished my first mildly good piece of art. it may be on a piece of notebook paper but i'm going to make a few more drawings of him on copy paper and add some color and more details later. Comments are appreciated


What would you do?

2011-01-18 19:14:28 by vinnw541

Ok guys, so tody's post will be about what happened to my friend. Today his dad found weed in his little brothers pants pocket so his friends told him to tell his dad that my friend was a drug dealer and his dad believed him... I find this kind of messed up but i would like to know what you guys would do in a situation like this.

Third post!!!

2011-01-17 11:29:27 by vinnw541

hey guys me again! Today's post will be about the complete awesomeness and endless choices of Pokemon!!!! So who here loves pokemon? I have almost every pokemon game to date and have caught most of the pokemon in each. I am truly what some would call a pokemon nerd. So please leave comments on which pokemon you have and how much you all love the game! Thanks guys be ready for tomorrow's post.

Pivot Stick Animation

2011-01-16 12:19:32 by vinnw541

Hey guys, i'm back for my second post. Today i downloaded and started using pivot stick figure animation. For those of you that don't know what pivot is, it is a cool program that you can download for free and make animated videos of stick figures doing whatever you want them to. My favorite animation that i have made so far would have to be the one where a fat kid is free falling without a parachute because he lost his doughnuts! if you use pivot i'd love to hear about some of the things you have made. Just leave a comment. And for those who don't use pivot... Try it!

My First Post

2011-01-15 16:27:39 by vinnw541

So this is my first blog post so in order for me to better post what whoever reads this likes, i would love it if you all commented on this post. first question: What is your favorite type of music?
second: Who is your favorite band/artist and the last question for this post: What are some of your hobbies? Thanks in advance for the comments!

My First Post